Class Descriptions

Heated Vinyasa
Vinyasa Yoga strings together postures in fluid sequences using the breath to guide each movement. The added heat in our shala is just enough to warm up the body, but still allows you to build your own internal heat and energy. Vinyasa is a creative and energetic flow. You will build strength, gain flexibility and achieve balance in the body, spirit and mind.

Warm Slow Flow
This slower paced class allows you to connect to your breath, the poses, and their connection through movement. Expect less flows than our Heated Vinyasa class and more held stretches. The warm room is a comfortable temperature to help create space in the body, while still allowing you to build your own internal heat and energy flow. We recommend this class if you’re just starting out your practice!

Our Ashtanga-rooted class will focus on the Primary Series, modified to suit the individual needs of each student. This is a dynamic practice that connects the flow of breath with movement. The set sequence is designed to detox the body, the nervous system, and the mind by combining asana (pose), pranayama (breath) and dristhi (gaze). We know that every student’s practice is different, and it is our mission to bring an accessible approach to the practice of Ashtanga to our community. To add an element of fun to a challenging practice, expect upbeat music!

Yin is a meditative yoga practice where you hold active stretches for 3-5 minutes. It gets your body and mind into a place where you really start to feel what’s present. When you reach this place of resistance in a stretch you will hold, breathe, and wait for the body to open. This class will nourish the subtle body. Yin allows the fascia to release, the chakras to open, and the nervous system to drop into a parasympathetic state. Please bring a block!

Yoga + Myofascial Release
Tune into your own body’s needs through yoga and myofascial release. MFR is a self-massage used to hydrate tissues and release tension in the body. Through practicing MFR you will explore a greater connection to your body and it’s voice. Yoga will be weaved into this practice to allow you to connect deeper to the subtle changes of the release. Each week will focus on a different theme to target specific areas in your body (shoulders, hips, etc.) – see specific theme upon sign up. Please bring your own MFR balls, blanket and blocks!

Community Class
We feel strongly that everyone should have access to yoga, which is why we’ve made these classes donation-based. Registration will be free, so pay what you can, if you can. If you already have a package or membership with us, just come enjoy your practice! We’ve personally benefited so much from the practice of yoga and feel so honored as we continue to watch our weekly students grow and benefit as well, something that everyone should be able to experience.