Energy Work

with Catherine or Grace│60 minutes│Holistic Spa│ $65
Reiki means “Universal Life Energy.” It’s a practice that uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki energy is present everywhere and in all living things. This energy is channeled from higher areas of consciousness known as Spirit, God, Universe, Source…It moves through the Reiki Practitioner, and into the three aspects of the recipient- their body, mind and spirit. Reiki is received through the chakras that are directly connected to your own nervous system. Every cell in the body is so wise. Cells are the base of our physical life and hold a natural ability for us to heal from within. What happens during Reiki is that the cells of the body pull the energy that’s needed through the practitioner’s hands. You can pull in as much Reiki energy as you need to normalize the natural flow of your own Universal Life Energy and get into a relationship with the language of your body.

Holistic Life Coaching
with Catherine60 minutesOnline$60
Book a consultation to customized your coaching experience + schedule. Walk your path of yoga off the mat and into your life. Practice yoga beyond the poses using its ancient philosophy and the wisdom within your own body. Our culture encourages a lifestyle in which the nervous system is overlooked. We often have to overcome the belief that places the mind above what the body is actually feeling. The term “Intuition” gets lost instead of recognized as the voice of our nervous system. Because of this, energy gets wasted in the process of suppressing and ignoring feelings; leading to negative effects in the body, spirit and mind. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions can include… 
•A safe space for you to move out of your mind and into your intuition
•Connect to the inner workings of your own nervous system and use its language to move through your life
•Conscious conversation 
•Understanding your Self
•Gratitude for what is going well
•Integrating new practices into your everyday life
•And just to put it simply…We deeply care; even if we don’t know you, we feel you and are here to hold space for you